Time stands still in Northern Vermont

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Posted 11.17.05

It's a rough year for Vermont's tower clocks in both Newport and Derby as three tower clocks stand frozen in time awaiting repairs, if anyone can ever find a clock smith.

clockThe old tower clock at 95 Main Street belongs to the Lago Trattoria Restaurant.

"We would like to have it fixed" said co- owner Michelle Richardi," but, we don't know who could fix it or how much it would cost,"

"I guess there is no other high-profile outdoor clocks in downtown Newport, it's too bad one of the banks wouldn't put one up," she added.

Up the street at the Orleans County Courthouse a magnificent, refurbished-looking clock tower looks down over Newport . It, too, displays four different times on each face. Someone noted that at least each of them is correct at least twice a day.

According to Kenneth Magoon, assistant Side Judge for Orleans County, they would like to get the clock fixed, noting that all four of them operate on one mechanism that also includes chimes.

"It is all a matter of priorities. The work would cost an estimate $15 thousand, if we could find someone to do it. Unfortunately we have to focus our finances on continuing to replace the slate on the roof," Magoon said.

" Last year some re-slating was done around the clock and some cosmetic work was done on the clock tower to improve it's appearance. Once all the necessary structural work is done on the building we will see if we can find some money for the clock tower,quot; he added.

clockOn US Route 5 in Derby there's a new clock tower at the Derby Time Square mini-mall. It, too, suffers from the same acute clock-toweritis, with two of its times frozen at five minutes after five, the other two showing two other conflicting times.

If you are driving around town and forgot your wrist watch at home and you don't trust your car clock, don't miss that meeting by trusting Newport's pretty but useless clock towers.

Drive by the Newport Fire Department and after squinting a little you might be able to read their digital time-temperature display. It's faint but accurate. Let's just hope someone doesn't decide it would look good up on a tower.

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