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Quebec's 'Stanhenge' circle of stone completed in Stanstead

© 2010 Gordon Alexander

Gordon Alexander
posted 01.08.10

STANSTEAD, QUEBEC | The North American version of England's ancient Stonehenge is a in a field less than a quarter of a mile from the US/Canadian Border. The project was inaugurated in 2009 on September 20, the day of the Fall Equinox).

The inspiration for the faux henge was was England's world-famous Stonehenge began some 5000 years ago. Today itŐs a major tourist attraction with spiritual significance for neo-druids and New Age followers.

Stonehenge is on the Salisbury Plain in the English County of Wiltshire, about two miles west of the equally famous Amesbury stones and several miles north of the ruins of Old Sarum and the town of Salisbury. One of the most famous sites in the world, Stonehenge began as a circular earthworks that now surrounds large standing stones.

The Stanstead Stone Circle is located in a field on Boulevard Notre-Dame here. It is the brainchild of StansteadŐs Kim Prangley, who has been supported and encouraged by local entrepreneurs Gabriel Safdie and Eva Juul. The field in which the stones were placed is being leased free of charge by the Town of Stanstead to a non-profit association that will be responsible for managing the site for the next three years.

The circle is composed entirely of locally quarried "Stanstead Grey" granite, and is about eighty feet in diameter and 250 feet in circumference.

The latest and largest stone in the circle will mark the position of the North Star, significant because it is the only star in the sky that does not change its position and has been used for millennia as a way-shower for travelers. Some stone circles are designed to mark the sunrise or sunset with a landmark on the horizon on a particular day.

Creators of the Stanstead Stone Circle believe that over time the site will become a major attraction in the southern part of Quebec on the Canada/USA border and a benefit to tourism in the Border area benefiting both Canada and the United States.

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