Beth Girdler: Doing It Naturally
Beth Girdler
Beth Girdler
is a naturalist based in Ayer's Cliff, Quebec.

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Posted 04.17.02
Ayer's Cliff, Quebec


On Winning a Juno a note from on the way home

Did my husband, David Francey, win a Juno? yes!

Was I with him? Wild horses couldn't drag me from his side! Were we thrilled beyond belief? You bet! Did I cry? I did!

Did we celebrate? Did we celebrate!

David's category -- Roots and Traditional (Solo Album) was one of many awards given out last Saturday at the "off-air" gala evening. After the event, at 12:30 a.m. David and his band, Dave Clarke and Geoff Somers, put on a joyous performance at a sardine-packed pub called Green Sleeves.

Music continued until 3 a.m. and we rolled out to join the hundreds of late-night Juno revelers in the streets 'til dawn (and you thought I was too old for that!).

If you see me, you can ask me all about the on-air awards Sunday night. Ask me about the lights, the music, the whole crazy spectacle. Ask me about the celeb fashions (I sat behind Jan Arden, Biff Naked, and Shaggy!) Ask me about shaking hands with Sheila Copps and David's conversation with Salle and Pelletier at the reception after the Sunday night awards. Please do.

But ask me about the things I will remember most and the answers will be different.

I will remember sharing a table Saturday night with fellow nominees for the same category -- all dear friends, each and every one deserving that same Juno. The congratulations flowed freely and sweetly when David's name was announced. As far as we were concerned, every one at that table was a winner.

I will remember the honest, open-armed welcome we received from the people of St. John's. We made many new friends.

I will remember the amazing beauty of Newfoundland. And lastly, I will never forget the last words David spoke in his acceptance speech: "And most of all I would like to thank my wife, Beth."