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Heather Davis is a freelance writer based in Drummondville, Quebec.

Living in the city now (600 words)
After living in the country, in L'Avenir, I thought that Montreal would offer excitement, opportunities, and noise, noise, and more noise.

To the World on my thirtieth birthday (1262 words)
For a long time, my resume read like a career counsellor's list of options: snowshoe guide, elementary school tutor, waitress, camp counsellor.

Skijoring we will go (650 words)
You need skis, a rope, a harness, a dog...

In search of a haybale house (530 words)
It started with buckwheat pancakes.

Martin Hingis, the typewriter, and me (750 words)
I guess you could say I've been inspired.

In the good old summertime (745 words)
Summer is about being hot and cold all over again.

New job, new house, old taxes (650 words)
Life what happens when you're making plans.

Leonard, Maria, Peribonka, and me (600 words)
Safeguarding family myths: "It's my family's story and I'm sticking to it."

Mixing it up by marrying up (600 words)
The wedding will be next Spring on Saint Paddy's Day at a Québecois pure laine historical site with lots of maple syrup on snow...

Oh, to play tennis now that Spring is here (600 words)
However, it takes a certain amount of money.

Dreams of tomatoes (640 words)
And peas. Lots of peas.

Doing Yoga, Learning French (600 words)
"I learned to feel my body -- the blood rushing around inside your arms when you hold them over your head."

The old sugar party ain't what is used to be (550 words)
A maple syrup lover from British Columbia gets the surprise of her life at her first 'modern' sugar party in Quebec.

Mushing at Quebec's Carnaval (700 words)
Hey, she didn't finish dead last.

Doing the Charlevoix (500 words)
Take a trip in Quebec with our newcomer from British Columbia.

What's in a name? (550 words)
The unintentional butchering of an English name.

In British Columbia the cheese is quiet ~ only the mice squeak (550 words)
Our new Quebecker discovers the glories of poutine.

Part Two: The francophone discovery quest continues (1000 words)
The hard part was really getting ready...

I've always wanted to be a francophone (400 words)
So we packed up and moved from British Columbia to la belle province...


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