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Hire a student this summer

Senior Writer, The Eastern Door

With the school year coming to a close in the next few weeks there will be a large number of students looking for jobs. Why not use this untapped resource to its fullest and hire one or two for your business or organization?

High school, CEGEP, and university students are tomorrow's workforce so why not give them the opportunity to work today? By hiring students it could give employers an opportunity to get a glimpse at prospective future employees.

Summer jobs not only give students an opportunity to make money, but it also gives them valuable work experience. By getting this work experience the young worker will get to see what it is that he or she wants or doesn't want to do. High school students may not have the slightest clue as to what they want to do as a career. Working for the summer at the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake in Quebec could influence a student or two to get into politics, or do the complete opposite.

Working at the Kahnawake Youth Center could influence someone to become a teacher. Students working for the Kahnawake Drama Camp could find out that they have a flare for acting or directing and return to school to help develop these skills. Students who work at Tewatohnhi'saktha could very well decide that they want to become entrepreneurs.

By CEGEP and university, students will usually have a good idea what career they want to enter after graduation. They would then apply for a summer job that is related to their studies. This would give them an inside look at what is involved in the job and if it is what they really want to do. Or they could even get a job that is completely different from their chosen field and find out that they love it.

In the Fall of 1996 I entered the history program at Montreal's Concordia University with the intent of earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in history. With that I planned to go back to school and get a teaching certificate and eventually become a high school history teacher.

However, in the summer of 1997 I got a summer job as a reporter/photographer here at The Eastern Door. And that changed everything.

Having thoroughly enjoyed my job that summer I went back to school and realized that history was no longer what I wanted to study. At the end of that school year I decided that I was going to take a year off from school. My intent was to find out exactly what it was that I wanted for a career. I was then hired by The Eastern Door near the end of the summer of 1998. It was then that I realized that journalism was my calling.

When it was time for me to go back to school in the Fall of 1999, I entered Concordia's journalism department. I have since graduated from Concordia with a BA in Journalism and have been working here for six years. This is all because I was given the opportunity to work here as a summer student.

So this summer hire a student or two and give them the opportunity to get some practical work experience. Young people are always told that they should stay in school - to get an education. It is time to show these students that all the hard work they do throughout the school year can and will pay off.

Greg Horn, writes for The Eastern Door.


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