Log Cabin Chronicles


Dr. Keith Mahoney is a chiropractor in Kanata, Ontario.

Biking the old railbed
NEWPORT, VERMONT: I find the start of the bike trail on Prouty Drive, near North Country Hospital, and head out of town into a modest breeze on my trusty Raleigh Mountain Tour Bike. The trail is on the old Canadian Pacific railbed that connected to Sherbrooke, Quebec. It's just over the ridge from the log cabin near Tomifobia, Quebec, where I grew up. Like all old rail lines, the grades are gradual, and curves gentle.

Health & Health Care
from a Chiropractic Perspective

Paradigm lost

Paradigm found

Taking aim at sacred cows

Life heals

Truly, one in a million
In the last year in Canada, much media attention has been drawn to the safety of chiropractic, especially the risk of stroke with adjustments to the neck. A review of the most recent scientific literature shows chiropractic to be far safer than medical treatment (drugs or surgery) for the same conditions which causes someone to seek chiropractic care.

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