Ross Murray's Border Report
Ross Murray
is a freelance writer living in Stanstead, Quebec. You can reach him at
Posted 05.09.11
Stanstead, Quebec


Your weakly classifieds

For Sale

Meat pump, fully insured partially clogged. Must be seen to be appreciated. Must be cleaned to be useable. Call 555-3095; ask receptionist for the "Ecclesiastical Department."

Gilbert & Sullivan collectibles: Pirates of Pen Sets; Mikado Short Sharp Shock Absorbers; Iolanthe Action Figures (still in original gauze); Gondolier Muffs (two for the price of poor wandering one); the Very Model of a Modern Major-General Model Kit (in shipshape). 555-9984. Phone may ring long time; Patience.

Stained glass. Also: tarnished fork, chipped plate. Best offer. Will trade for new glass, fork, plate. (No sporks, please.) 555-4876.

Professional Services

Too much? Too little? How about now? Is that better? We can help with that! You just have to ask. Don't be shy! What are you waiting for? Really, it's no big deal. It happens to the best of us. Don't be ashamed! Really? Oh, then maybe you should be a little bit ashamed. Call us and we'll set you up. Or maybe put you down. It's up to you! 1-800-555-GOSH. Walk-ins welcome. Walkouts quite common.

Is your Internet provider giving you everything you need? Do you require more speed, storage and protein? Not getting enough iron in your email? Sign up with Peanut Butter Bandwidth, North America's first Internet provider/breakfast spread. Get "stuck" with us; you'll love it when we "jam!" Ask about our Wi-Fibre specials.

Head-tilting lessons for girls 13-21. Find that one perfect head-tilt for all your photographic needs! Look dorky no more! Look hot forever! Look identical in every photo! Call now and get 1 free lip-puckering lesson! Steve's Photo and Chiropractic Studio. 555-0085.

For Rent

4 1/2, includes heat, utilities, furnishing, vaguely sinister neighbours, caged rodent of uneasy disposition, closet full of existential dread and stolen hotel toiletries, oppressive anxiety as you lie awake, something there in the shadows. Lovely morning light. Must-see. 555-4118.

Stu-stu-studio apartment: 3 bedrooms, 2 hearts, 1 more night. Priced at face value. This one cries "Take me home!" Ideal for those living separate lives. No down payment or jacket required. Don't lose my number: 555-7842. No pets or Peter Gabriel. Job Opportunities

Extras sought for movie shoot. Working title: "Good Cop/Drunk Cop." Micronesians only, please. Must supply own gunwales, glo-sticks. 7:30 a.m. Baxter Street Mini-Mall parking lot. Ask for "The Wiggler."

Make a fortune working from home! Easy money! Our organization representing a highly advanced alien race is currently seeking healthy human specimens to serve as hosts for future terrestrial domination. Enjoy a highly attractive benefits package before life as you know it on this planet comes to an abrupt horrific end. Ask us about health insurance! Call 1-888-DIEEARTHSCUM.

Now hiring: Triple-Five Inc., specialists in generating fake telephone numbers for film, television and print. Send CV to Box 64 c/o this paper. No phone calls (obviously).

Personal Ads

Squid wrangler seeks same for friendship, sharing of photos, possible adoption. 555-1966.

SWM, good shape, teeth intact, looking for love in all the wrong places, hoping to look in your right places; left places will also do. Overly squeamish need not apply. Send photo and shoe size to Box 34 c/o this paper.

Impersonal Ads

Recently divorced F seeks M for long, noncommittal evenings of ignoring each other with occasional morally detached bursts of violence. References not necessary. 555-4097.

A future in Quebec bureaucracy awaits you! Visit

Perspective, all sense of proportion, will to live. Last seen with the point (also missing). Sentimental value. No questions asked. Fewer questions answered. 555-1103.

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