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The New Town Hall Sign
Sawed, sealed, and solid


Posted 1/3/00

When the town council decided to erect a new sign outside their Memphremagog lakeshore municipal office, they wanted something that would reflect the community, be low maintenance and long-lasting, and be as solid as the rock of Gibraltar.

And what could be more fitting than a massive granite boulder?

Ogden is home to the region's mainstay granite industry, they'll only have to sweep off the snow of winter and hose off the dust of summer, and unless someone comes in with a motorized crane, their four-foot-high boulder isn't going anywhere in this millennium.

The rose-color granite boulder was supplied by Dominion Granite, courtesy of Arthur and Normand Lapenna. Their craftsmen sawed the stone and polished the face of the saw cut. They also figured out a way to incorporate a natural flaw in the boulder into the overall design.

Dale and Donna Elliott did the lettering and sandblasting. Special pigments were used to enhance the new Ogden logo, which was designed by local artist Guy Cloutier.

Total cost, including the boulder ($500), sawing, polishing, artwork, and installation on a deep bed of crushed stone: less than $1000, according to Councillor Andrée Smith who spearheaded the sign project.

Not a bad deal, really, when you consider that's less than the cost of two shares in some Internet companies that have never earned a penny of profit.

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