Log Cabin Chronicles

A Letter


Dear Ted...
it's 11 pm & it's late & I'm tired & reading
The New Yorker 2/4/13 &
Rock and Pop & Jazz
; Standards

I love seeing who's playing
& with whom
& I am blown away tonight

You were talking on the phone
tonight about being 71
in less than 6 weeks

John Mayall's pushing 80 now
& playing BB King Blues Club & Grill
& Bucky Pizzarelli is 87
& playing Smalls @183 West 10 Street
Wayne Shorter's playing Carnegie Hall
& is friggin 79 years old

What Happened?
Today is my birthday
I've outlived both parents & a brother
by many years,
...But Ted
These cats are old!

Robert Searles runs and writes in Hyde Park, Vermont.

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