Log Cabin Chronicles

Caroline's laughter


Caroline's laughter
is jackhammer yammer
is mack truck grinding gears
is automatic pistol
is kamikaze bumblebee
is deep throat cuisinart
is prison riot
is dream of flying
is overdrive
is electric chair in reverse
is dotted line
"read carefully before you sign"
is ironclad contract
is mirthless, diabolical
is dispossessed
is arbitrary
is accurate
is not longwinded or polite
rides roughshod
plays the system
plays for keeps
is methodical, patient, ruthless
is criminal, doomed, trigger-happy
Caroline's laughter is barbed wire
Quite possibly in the hidden valley behind it
Is a pond rich with lily-pads and yellow-bellied bull-frogs
Where cows come down to drink.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Stanley Fefferman writes and make photographs in Toronto.]

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