Log Cabin Chronicles

Creche Music


As long as that little heart beats
the tune will not lack for guidance.
Any lowing or neighing nearby
will relax into register, and even
that star's high lonesome descant
will not lose track or lose touch.

As long as that little heart beats
artsong will set down its quarrel
with heartsong, and heartsong, undo
the headstrong, until the three of them
make up in counterpoint, and Joseph
thinks, there is that song again.

As long as that little heart beats
mica will bud and bird will flower
and the small brook go up on tiptoe
to see why they're all stopping --
but no, they are not stopping,
the ground is flowing, the ground is flying.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Robert Carnevale makes music and poetry in America.]

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