Log Cabin Chronicles

On finding a picture of the poet


poetBorn down beside the Cuyahoga,
Nursed on Mao and Marx and pork and beans,
Weaned on Bud, Bugler, and Bodenheim,
Teened on two-toke and trailer Alice,
Grown up dangerous and full of nouns,
Everything you ever weren't, he is.
Everything he ever said, you didn't.
Harp man with Whitey and the Ofays,
Mr. Peculiar says, sad banjos.
Father and son in those baggy genes,
Mr. Prostate says that your girl friend?
El Jefe, Fidel in New England,
Our Mr. Wild Man Dog says, airplane.
A man turned to pulled pork by Circe,
Mr. Completely says, eat me raw.
Stuffed and muffled down in the clothes bag,
Swiss Mr. Army says, that your wart?

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Copyright © 2004 Roger Leege