Log Cabin Chronicles

Had Gadya 2004


They told me: get rid of them
with your 0.22
I did. They didn't move.
So they said: Make them move
with the 7.25
I did. They didn't move.
They came back: Wipe them out
with the ought five
I wiped. They didn't move.
So the order came down again: Smash them
with the 81 .mm
I smashed. They didn't move.
And they said. Chew them up
with the D-9.
I chewed. They didn't move.
And then they ordered: Bring
that beating thing
with the two chambers.
I brought it. Yes, I did.

Translated from the Hebrew by Robert Rosenberg

Elisha Porat can be contacted at porat_el@einhahoresh.org.il.

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