Log Cabin Chronicles

I am from

Grade 5
Northampton, Massachusetts

I am from the wonderful Asian lunch box meal
I am from the green tea
I am from vanilla ice cream on a hot day
I am from wonderful popcorn in a bag
I am from a tasty health shake in the morning
I am from the beautiful thing called water.

I am from the dress up box
I am from nooks and crannies in my house
I am from the sound of my parents typing on the computer, after they put me to bed
I am from a dog barking at nothing
I am from a dad trying to turn me on to the Rolling Stones
I am from a beautiful picture of my grandmother
I am from my grandfather's trumpet playing
I am from all of my books on the shelf
I am from mommy. saying, "We don't have TV in our house "
I am from a scratched up couch in my living room
I am from the cozy feeling of my home.

I am from a lovely climbing tree outside in my yard
I am from my mom's mums in the fall
I am from my neighbor's beautiful yard, with flowers everywhere.
I am from a brick patio out in the back yard.
I am from the best lawn in the neighborhood.
I and from planting flowers with my mom and dad
I am from taking my dog out for a walk
I am from snowmen in the winter.

I am from "Let's have Powat chowaps and apple savas'' (Pork chops and apple sauce)
I am from mom's lullaby
I am from mom and dad saying "clean up that pile of clothes at the end of your bed!''
I am from mom saying. ''Time for lights out!"
I am from papa calling me Ju-ju-bee
I am from mama calling me bee, or honey
I am from daddy calling me Too-too Lu-lu
I am from a family calling my tiny dog Big Man
I am from a family agreeing that we have the smallest property in the universe!

I am from a wonderful daddy, who works hard at his job, and helps many people.
I am from a beautiful mama volunteering to help all different people and things
I am from a dog trying his best to keep my family safe, barking at everything, acting like a little brother, and also being very comforting
I am from a family that makes me feel so wonderful and special!

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