Log Cabin Chronicles

The Poet's Dilemma in the Post-Fact Era


A Limerick for Kellyanne Conway

When Kellyanne makes her political Pitch
My eyes will both start to Twitch,
My brain cells get muddled
And I feel so befuddled
I can't even think of the right word to rhyme...

[OK. I realize that this is not really in keeping with the holiday season...
And, if I keep acting rude like this I'm going to lose my Midwesterner card...

...but, in recent days, every so often I find myself in the grip of a real need to vent.
(Even, as I say, at this time of year,)
So, I'd understand if you decided that this "is not to your taste"
but, I thought I'd pass it along.]

[mutter, mutter, mutter...]

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Nichel Cramer makes poems in southern Vermont]

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