Log Cabin Chronicles

Kuba, the lone survivor
of his family, 1944
(1922 ~ 2005)


I was his wife for 54 years
and I tell you,
he died a broken man.

They tortured him, not yet a man, a teen,
Filling him with their wicked terror,
I tell you, killing his family, his people, his soul...

Even so, he was the best husband,
with caring as his way
and kindness his first value.

Oh, I tell you, the agony, the nightmares,
the nightmares he suffered, the horrors
he witnessed, they never left him alone.

Relentless running, resisting for all his years,
the terror replayed, terror that
stopped tears,
stopped tears, I tell you, until the day he died.

Still, it was good when we held on to each other,
it was good, I tell you, for 54 years...
good, I tell you, for he was goodness itself.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Adrienne Fisher wrires in Jericho, Vermont]

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