Log Cabin Chronicles



I remember
prairie days in Spring
the Osage Orange leafing out
in the hedge rows
along the gravel road.

Mary and I
in jeans and our brother's
old shirts
running down Pauli Road
talking all the way.
We'd take a short cut
through shadowed woodland'
to higher ground
to where the milk cows

Homeward bound
we'd ride her favorite cow Josie
and drive the little herd
singing our favorite songs
and smoking cigarettes.

Now -- fresh from bubble baths
hair done up in curlers
we'd sit crossed legged
(on newly shaved legs)
reading True Romance
with those wonderful ads
Promising breast enlargement
and blackhead-free complexions.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Fran's best friend and sister-in-law Mary Garland Bevency, 79, of Peoria IL died Feb. 2, 2015. This poem is in her memory.]

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