Log Cabin Chronicles

No Consolation


There are still wild horses in Colorado
with shaggy coats the colour of earth.

There are still hairy lavender flowers
with hearts of gold closed against the rain.

You are still in Colorado
probably trying too hard and crying
like the day I hugged you and said
"It's like hugging the whole earth."

Our love affair did not go well:
we couldn't console each other, Janet.

Tonight, I'm hugging myself
in a car in Caledon, Ontario,
smoking, watching the stars,
watching the milkweed sway
in the half-moon light,
letting the wind soothe me.

There is no consolation, Janet
not even hugging the whole earth.

It's getting early now.
My cigarette is finished.
The birds are beginning to cheer themselves up.
I'm going to get some sleep.
Good morning, Janet.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Stanley Fefferman writes and make photographs in Toronto.]

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