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Old snow turn to ice.
What solitary stillness
empties this cold world.

Snow-laden cedars,
like monks in green and white robes,
all learning to bow

One stick of incense,
one last bottle of sake --
one, and one, and one.

The moon, still alone,
The thousand whirling galaxies
and, simply, the moon.

(This poem is included in Christopher Yohmei Blasdel's shakuhachi album Striking Light, Striking Dark) www.yohmei.com

EDITOR'S NOTE:Sam Hamill's poetry will be featured this year at the annual Cascadia Poetry Festival in Anacortes, Washington (near Seattle) on May 9-12. Shakuhachi Master and frequent collaborator with Sam Hamill, Christopher Yohmei Blasdel, will perform in honor of Sam, as will longtime friends of Sam, poet and translator William O'Daly, Rebecca Seiferle, and emcee Steven Kuusisto.

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