Log Cabin Chronicles

Tea with Mr. Cohen


A feeling of separation comes
when I enter Joel's Café.
Steam rises
from sugar polluted tea,
clouding a thin pane,
a divider between
my curious eyes
and the children of the night beyond.

On his mahogany stool
an old man whispers,
"I seem to have misplaced my soul."
With a tired smile
an aged waitress comments,
"Even damnation is poisoned with rainbows."

A man with a suit
the color of an eclipsed sun
slides in the seat
across from me.
His face holds
the wisdom of a thousand souls,
and before he can say a word,
I have to ask;
What has it been like
to live poetry?

The last line from the second stanza was taken out of tribute from Leonard Cohen's poem, "The Old Revolution"

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