Log Cabin Chronicles

Up & down


My heart beats up and down
climbing to ecstasy then slamming to the ground
I race through the world with a smile on my face
but then trip on an emotion and feel as though I'm falling through space
my feelings guide me as I dance to the rhythm of life
and control me as I grip this pocket knife
memories come and memories kill
but soon after I'm laughing uncontrollably, against my will
one minute I smile, and moments later I scream
I guess I'm a lost case or so it would seem
once again I'm lifted to paradise before I'm forced back down
my thoughts are ever-changing, as if I'm some sort of gothic clown
what is happiness and does it involve me?
And is sorrow when I feel like I'm drowning at sea?
The music pulses through my veins
and eats slowly away at my brain
Loud, fun and evil describe the way everything feels
the dance floor around me doesn't even seem real
lights shine yet darkness prevails
I decide to collapse if all else fails
people are staring at me
as I shout a desperate plea
save me.

Dean Bere, 13, is working on his poetry.

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Copyright © 2006 Dean Bere