Ricky Blue's Other Life
Ricky Blue
Ricky Blue
is a Montreal-based humorist, singer, and writer. He and partner George Bowser are the famous Bowser and Blue comedy act. Here's his bio from their Bowser and Blue website.

Ricky Blue was born in Liverpool, England, but raised in Maine, New Jersey, and Toronto. He has an MA in English from Concordia University. He has been involved in bands and media music in Montreal for over twenty years. In 1981 he won an international 'Clio' award for excellence in advertising.

He once appeared on television naked.

His life had no real meaning, however, until he began to play with Bowser and Blue. Rick plays guitar, mandolin, and harmonica, and sings in a rather pleasant baritone when George will let him.

His columns are archived here

Posted 10.10.02


Will October flowers bring Mario Dumont powers?

Hot enough for ya?" It was the kind of greeting I expect in July. But although this was the first of October, it was 27 degrees. The leaves were still green. The flowers in my yard were in full bloom. And my neighbour was approaching me in a T-shirt and shorts.

"It sure has been a long hot summer," I replied.

"It is 10 degrees above normal," he exclaimed, cheerfully. "And did you know that this September was the sunniest September since they began making records? And before that it was the sunniest August we have ever had?"

"It's like living in Southern California," I agreed.

"Have you noticed how cheerful people are lately?" he continued.

"Well, there is a body of research claiming that climate affects human behaviour," I said; glad to show off the incredible breadth of my learning.

"Really?" he said.

"It's called bio-climatology. It is an emerging field of ecology that studies the interrelationship between living things and the climate."

"Can climate affect human society?"

"Definitely. Now, because of the 'green' movement, there are thousands of university courses based on environmentalism. There is a lot of research into global warming. How man's affect on the environment will lead to disaster: floods, disease, earthquakes and drought."

"Global warming is a bad thing?"

"That is the accepted belief. But I guess one should be suspicious when there is no dissent. Perhaps the universities only employ scientists who agree with this point of view. Most of us who have been to university know full well that academic freedom of thought is a bit of a myth. Just try handing in a paper to a social science prof about the virtues of social Darwinism. You will soon find out where freedom of thought will get you."

"Maybe global warming is a good thing," he said.

"You would get a big fat F!"

"Well just take Mario Dumont."

"Mario Dumont?"

"Yes! His popularity confounds everyone. Why is the Quebec electorate so willing to go along with his Pollyanna attitude? The answer is lots of sunshine. We have had the sunniest August and September ever. As long as the sun keeps shining, Quebecers will gradually emerge from the darkness of 30 years fighting over the constitution."

"What about his policies?"

"His policies are individualist. Quebec is collectivist. Quebecers are just ready for a new face. A new love. It is completely irrational."

"So what are you saying? That the popularity of the Action Démocratique du Québec is due to the sunshine?"

"Yes. Mon pays c'est l'hiver has become Mon pays c'est le soleil. Global warming is affecting everything. In Quebec, everything is political. So it is affecting Quebec politically. But it is affecting the rest of Canada too. There is talk of legalizing marijuana. Bellbottoms are back. It's a Summer of Love. An Age of Aquarius. Let the sun shine!"

"But we Canadians are traditionally so downbeat. When a Canadian says to the other: 'How's it goin', eh?', the reply will be: 'Just stayin' one step ahead of the reaper.' Are you saying that global warming will turn us all into sunny optimists?"

"Yeah, isn't that great?"

"But when Dumont starts back peddling on all his party policies and being attacked for it by the other parties and the press, how long do you think Quebecers will go on supporting him?"

"It depends how long the good weather holds up."