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Ricky Blue
Ricky Blue
is a Montreal-based humorist, singer, and writer. He and partner George Bowser are the famous Bowser and Blue comedy act. Here's his bio from their Bowser and Blue website.

Ricky Blue was born in Liverpool, England, but raised in Maine, New Jersey, and Toronto. He has an MA in English from Concordia University. He has been involved in bands and media music in Montreal for over twenty years. In 1981 he won an international 'Clio' award for excellence in advertising.

He once appeared on television naked.

His life had no real meaning, however, until he began to play with Bowser and Blue. Rick plays guitar, mandolin, and harmonica, and sings in a rather pleasant baritone when George will let him.

His columns are archived here

Posted 10.27.03


Quebec Liberals: The We Didn't Mean It Party

This mega-city business keeps getting more curious. Doesn't it? First off: we didn't want it. We made it absolutely clear that we didn't want it. It was obviously a tax grab.

But the Provincial government in the hands of an arrogant Parti Québécois forced it down our throats. The PQ was spectacularly dictatorial.

In ancient China they would have had a more flowery name like: the Pompous Windbags Who Think We Know Better Than Anyone Else But Actually Don't Know Our Ass From Our Elbow Party.

So our response was to help vote them out and elect the Liberals because they said they would allow us to go back to the way things were. Which was working very well, by the way.

They have now been in power a mere six months and already it is becoming obvious that all along they planned to betray us. We should have known. Remember Bill 178?

In China they would have an ornate name like: the Don't Blame Us When We Stick A Knife In Your Back Because That's What We Always Do Party. And the mayor of Montreal, also elected on a platform of allowing us to decide for ourselves whether we should get back our Little Towns, now that he is getting all our mega-taxes, is using that money to lobby everyone not to do what he said he would do a year ago to get elected.

In China his party might have an elaborate name like: the Now That We Have All Your Money Watch Us Use It To Screw You Party. And while all these dubious politicians are paid generous salaries by we the people to force us to do what we don't want to do, the only way we can try to do what we really want to do is to reach into our own pockets again to support those among us brave and foolish enough to mount an opposition to this thing that we never wanted and yet now has us in its grip like some nightmare from which we cannot awake.

In China we might call ourselves the Glorious Workers Who Are Sick And Tired Of Always Getting Buggered By the State But Apparently Aren't Just Here For The Hunting Party.

On top of all that we find out that the Provincial Police has been investigating the very citizens who are exercising their democratic right to oppose this unpopular and undemocratic forced merger. But they cannot help it because they belong to the We Protect Our Government From Subversive Ideas Like Democracy Party. Why are they all so afraid to allow the people to control their own lives? Perhaps the idea of a referendum strikes fear into the hearts of all Quebecers because we all know how the PQ tried to use a deceitful question to get what they wanted. Are they afraid we anti-mergerites would have a referendum on 'partnership' with Montreal? And then when we win it, turn around and declare independence for our little towns?

Then we would be the We Have Finally Figured Out How The Game Of Politics Is Played In Quebec Party.

As for me, I am amazed at what is going on. I guess I could say I belong to the I Can't Make S-t Like This Up Party. That's what I think they would call it in ancient China. Or, at least, l'ancien Lachine.