Log Cabin Chronicles

How does one convey wisdom?


My granddaughter is pregnant;
how, I do not know.

We sit at one of those restaurants
where you are expected to write,
with crayons, on the white, paper

The waitress has written her name
there for us -- Kim -- the same
name as my granddaughter's mom;
how, I do not know.

I am telling her about that Francis
of Assisi prayer, a piece of wisdom
about having the grace to know
the difference between those things
you can control and those you cannot . . .

how, I do not know;
she takes the crayons
and produces a pastoral scene,
with trees and a brown fence,
which causes me to think
about her childhood.

This child in the restaurant,
here with the crayons,
is beautiful, beautiful,
yet greatly saddened
because the father has run off
with another girl, another child;
how, I do not know.

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